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  • Elyse

What is Power Yoga?

There are so many different styles of yoga out there, so you may be wondering what exactly Power Yoga is, and what to expect from a Power Yoga class.

Power Yoga is a faster paced yoga practice that links your breath to movement (aka yoga poses). It is typically practiced in the heat and to music. The heat, as well as the music, can vary based on studio and teacher preference, but most power teachers, including myself, will pump up some fun jams for you to flow too in a roughly 90-95 degree room (but if a class is full, expect the heat to rise a little). If you go to a class labeled power, but none of the above happen, specifically the linking of your breath to your movements, then please know that you may not actually be in a power class. It's okay because it's always great to try another class, but unfortunately this mislabeling can and does happen.

If you google power yoga, you will often see the words athletic or fitness-based associated with the style. Even I have used those words, and although they hold some truth, it certainly does not mean that you have to be a professional athlete or cardio fiend to take a power yoga class! In fact, I actually recommend that all beginners try power yoga! It may seem a little crazy, it may feel really fast, you may sweat (a lot), and you may even wonder what the heck you are doing or mentally curse the teacher, but usually, at the end of a power yoga class, there is a sense of accomplishment, empowerment and community, knowing you were not alone in your efforts. And it's because of that, that I welcome beginner yogi's with open arms to power!

Oh, and it's 100% okay if you do not know the pose names. Before you know it, even 5-10 minutes in, you will be flowing. By your second or third class, you'll honestly have it down. And that my friends, is when the magic really happens!



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