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Hi yogi's, and thanks for popping by! I am a New England native living in Los Angeles (New Englander's always love to tell you they are from there), and I was far from active and healthy growing up. I was that person who always found a reason to get out of gym class. However, once I discovered power yoga, I fell in love and joined a teacher training program. Following this, I then became a certified personal trainer, completed additional trainings in yin yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Through yoga, I want to help others realize that it is not about being the most flexible or aesthetic yogi. Rather, it's about being open to trying something new, going for the things you want and having a damn good time in the process! I remember early on in my training, a mentor said to me "stop trying to be what you think you should be. You are fun, you are a party, you have a light energy. Now teach that way." I took that to heart, and the party has not stopped since! Special shoutout to all of my mentors along the way: Fran Cote, Annie Q., Terry Cockburn and Josh Summers.

When not doing yoga, you can find me drinking black coffee (or red wine), smothering my cats and foster cats with my husband and rocking out to whatever song is stuck in my head (currently "Time is on My Side" by Irma Thomas).

I hope you will join me on this crazy journey by subscribing to my YouTube channel and signing up for my emails. I swear I send the best emails that are not all formal jargon and yoga jib jab. ;)


Welcome to the family!



Fun. Dynamic. Empowering.
And inclusive to all.

What started as a fun challenge that I would add into some flows, ended up growing into a concept all on its own. While Yoga Burpees is the combination of yoga and burpees, it also represents the freedom, the fun and the dynamic flow that you can expect from my yoga classes. It is not about looking a certain way, "perfecting" yourself, or trying to force your body into a pose. It is about trying something new, trusting how powerful you are, telling yourself you're a badass and letting it all out on your mat. When we let go of expectations, that's when the real fun can begin! 

To see the full story behind Yoga Burpees read this post here and check out your Yoga Burpees with Elyse on YouTube below:


Crazy Really Works

I love Elyse's classes! She kicks your butt, she makes you laugh like crazy, she makes you feel like you're part of her family and safe, she delivers a great class and what I love most is that she is real and has a good heart!

Venera G.

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