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  • Elyse


Welcome to the blog! Here you will find all things yoga, yoga videos, the occasional recipe and antic or two.

You may be wondering where the name "yoga burpees" came from. Yes, it is the combination of yoga and a burpee, but there is more to the story:

When I was in the middle of my 200 hour teacher training, there was one day in particular where my fellow yogis and I were just physically and mentally spent. Our leader, the hilarious and badass Fran Cote, decided she was going to "wake us up." She initially put us into a plank. We held it. Then she had us step into a squat, and we held that. This went on for several minutes, and the next thing I knew, she had built us up to doing full blown crossfit burpees and pushups. I may or may not have said a curse word or two, but sure enough, months later after graduating, I found myself incorporating burpees into my teaching. They were not the full blown burpee/push-up combo you may expect though. I took my own twist on the burpee, and I loved seeing the realization on students faces once they figured out what we were doing.

Since then, Yoga Burpees have become so much more. They are the thing you love to hate, but they represent the fun, the freedom, the empowerment and the strength that you really have. Plus, you feel like a total badass when doing them.

So if anyone ever tells you that you cannot do burpees in a yoga class, just smile and say, 'hold my water.' 😉

I look forward to sharing Yoga Burpees and more with you all! To stay up to date on new yoga videos that will be posted, please subscribe to the Yoga Burpees YouTube channel. You can also subscribe to my newsletter below and follow on Instagram at @yogaburpees



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