to the Yoga Burpee Family, where the yoga is dynamic, empowering and FUN!

Whether you are flexible, not so flexible, know pose names, have no clue what a pose is, or think you look funky doing it, this yoga is for you! I believe in teaching to your highest potential, because I know you have it in you. Through Yoga Burpees On Demand, my mission is to show you that yoga can be FUN, empowering and not so "perfect." Plus, the sweet jams we rock out to are an added bonus. 

Everyone is always welcome! So grab your mat, a water and let's get a little crazy together!

5% of revenue will be donated each quarter to a non-profit organization pertaining to human and/or animal welfare. 

This quarter, we are donating to Minds Matter.










What started as a fun challenge grew into a concept all on its own. On the surface, Yoga Burpees is the combination of yoga and burpees, but underneath, it represents the freedom, the fun, and the dynamic flow that you can expect from my power yoga classes. It's not about looking a certain way or yanking your body into a certain pose. It's about trying something new, rocking out to some jams while you flow, telling yourself you're a badass and letting it all out on your mat. And yes, many yogi's say that my power yoga classes are challenging (they are, because I know you can handle it), but also empowering. You will sweat, maybe a lot, but you will also tap into your own inner strength and passion to realize how powerful you truly are. So let's get crazy together!

If we haven't officially met yet and you'd like to know more about me, just visit here.  -Elyse

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