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  • Elyse

3 Yin Yoga Postures for Lateral Flexion

Hello Yogi's!

Today I am sharing three of my favorite yin yoga postures that target the sides of your body, as well as other bonus target areas! For the postures, you'll want your yoga mat or comfortable blanket and a bolster, pillow and/or some rolled up blankets.

First up, Deer with Lateral Flexion.

Start with your knees bent and feet wider than your hips. Let your knees fall to the right and turn towards your right. Have a bolster or cushions right up by your hip and lay down sideways over the cushion. You can reach your top arm over for extra sensation down the side of your torso. Hold for roughly 2 minutes before slowly coming out and switching to the other side (please note, you can adjust and hold for less time if the sensation becomes too much).

Next, Cat Tail.

Begin lying one side, using your forearm to prop you up. You can extend your top leg out in front of you any amount or keep your top leg bent to target some sensation on your top outer hip. Bend your bottom leg and grab a hold of it with your hand or use a strap, like you are doing a quad stretch. Hold here for 2-3 minutes before switching sides. If holding yourself up on your forearm becomes too much or tiresome on your shoulder, then place a bolster or pillow under your arm (pictured below).

Finally, Bananasana.

Lying on your back, begin to walk your feet over to the right bottom side of your mat. Then inch your shoulders and arms over to the top right side of your mat. Make sure to keep the entire back side of your body on your mat. You want to essentially be in a banana shape on your back. The target areas where you may feel sensation are the whole side of your body, and even your chest and shoulders if you decide to hold opposite elbow (pictured below). If you'd like a little more sensation, you can play with crossing one foot over the other. Hold for 1-2 minutes before switching to the other side.

If you want more postures that target your upper body, including arms and shoulders, then check out the sequence below, and feel free to incorporate the postures above.



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